Coming in from the cold

Posted: February 26, 2012 in Delhi life

Home sweet home

A brief update: I’m no longer living under a bridge! Finally found myself a place to rest my head and books for the next few months.

The flat is big, light, airy, and much cheaper than several of the other quasi-London-priced pads I looked at. Thrillingly, I have my very own desk, and can sneak into other housemates’ bedrooms for air conditioning when the summer gets brutally hot. The flat also has a maid who erupts into my room at the crack of dawn and shovels dust onto my things, although she spends most of the time gossiping on the phone. It’s in a nice southwestern suburb of Delhi, filled with arid little parks, Pilates classes, and supermalls, and only a suicidally quick shared-auto trip away from the metro. I have, inevitably, just ordered my first organic veg box.

There are only a couple of disadvantages. First, the mattress is a solid stone-like block that almost fractured my phone when I dropped it. It has been benevolently engineered by Gandhians in order to strip sleep of all pleasure, and makes mornings a joy of semi-paralysis. Second, the flat lies under a gigantic flight path, so when I do sleep I dream of Aeroflot crash landings and urban-mythical blocks of frozen poo plummeting from the sky.


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