He was mooning about Delli, that highly pestilential place, possibly in search of some undiscovered facts…  —Joseph Conrad

emc passportI am a perpetual student with a strange, neurotic and occasionally maddening attachment to India. In earlier incarnations, I was a smug backpacker, an inept Hindi student under the watchful eye of a self-proclaimed queen, and defecatory superhero Toilet Girl.

Since then I have moved onto a more glamorous obsession—the sparkling world of electricity. From Tamagotchis to TOWIE, nostril strimmers to narcissistic-yet-inexplicably-unread blogs, electricity = modernity. Electricity has also brought me to Delhi, the unreal city, with whom I am currently having a tempestuous fling.

When this modest wee blog is finally born, I imagine a combination of Indian travelogue and obscure thoughts on the wacky world of power, replete with illuminating anecdotes and electrifying puns.

  1. philgreaney says:

    Hi – your blog posts made me laugh (I mean, in a good way – the intentionally funny ones that is). I’m moving to Delhi with my wife at the end of June. If I wasn’t mired in packing boxes and fiddly bits of admin for moving, I might be terrified by your account of Delhi in comparison to Blighty (where I’m from originally). Right now, I’ve read the books, watched the movies and listened to the music – but it’s all theory so far. I’ll do the practical at the end of month, if all goes well.

    Keep writing – good luck with the PhD (I know how that feels).


    • Ta, Phil, and good luck! Delhi is a genuine world city, full of action and culture and frolics—secretly I love her in spite of everything, and you guys will have a fantastic time. Of course, she can be a bit of a pain in the arse too, but that’s what blogs are for…

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