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In which I somewhat misjudge the tone of praise for the Mothership

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My Mom would give me hand-written notes every once in a while. They contained quotes and wisdoms she would read from various books. These notes became reference points for me and I still use them quite a lot in my writings and in my lectures. When I was joining my job, she gave me a letter just before the train was about to leave. I still have it and it became the final chapter of my second book Seek: finding your true calling. I thought it was the perfect ending to my book. So not only my mom encouraged me to read books and write, she also gave me a chapter for my book. You can read that letter here –

– Rakesh Godhwani, author of Seek: Finding Your True Calling –


When it appeared that the world around me was crashing down due to…

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Lame Excuses

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The travel book done and dusted, here’s a brand new piece from our latest side project. Sign up for the event on 2 July, and send papers!

Procrastination: Cultural Explorations

the Many Literary Afterlives
of the Person from Porlock

Matilda told such Dreadful Lies,
It made one Gasp and Stretch one’s Eyes…
That Night a Fire did break out—
You should have heard Matilda Shout!
[But] every time she shouted ‘Fire!’
They only answered ‘Little Liar!’
And therefore when her Aunt returned,
Matilda, and the House, were Burned.

—Hilaire Belloc, ‘Matilda: Who told Lies,
and was Burned to Death’

Forced to dissemble by a deadline-obsessed world, procrastinators tend to be an untrustworthy bunch. Consider Kafka, who complained bitterly that his job simply did not give him time to write. In fact his shift lasted only from 8.30am until 2.30pm, and he often enjoyed a four-hour afternoon nap (and writing endless letters about his lack of time). In the words of a disappointed Zadie Smith: ‘The truth was that he wasted time! The writer’s equivalent of the dater’s…

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